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When the time comes that you are no longer able to live your daily life as you normally would you know that it is best to start looking at care packages. It can be a sudden change whereby a package needs to be made quickly due to sudden illness, or it may be something that can be planned out for a long time as age approaches and you feel you no longer can cope. Maybe it isn’t a care package for yourself that you are searching for and instead it is for a friend or family member who is close to you. Whatever the reason and whatever the time frame that you have, Sonic Care is here to help you to make the process a little easier.


It can be very upsetting to have to welcome carers into your home to help you to complete tasks that you once wouldn’t have imagined not being able to do by yourself like cooking, bathing and eating. It would also be extremely distressing to have to leave your family home where you feel safe and comfortable to go into a new setting. Often these changes occur when a person becomes widowed and cannot manage alone, or if someone has illness or injury due to old age. Popular conditions for people who need to go into care are Alzheimer’s, MS and brittle bones. Whatever the reason, we are here to help.


We offer a range of competitive yet high in quality packages that are tailor made to suit every individual. Whether you just need meals brought to you everyday or you need full care, we can adapt a package suitable to your needs. Here are some examples of packages that we offer:

   Meals on wheels - our staff will bring you delicious meals everyday that you have chosen from our varied menu.

   Home care support and supported living - we will come to your home and help with any personal or other care that you require.

   Retirement homes - we have a range of retirement homes, which are more like holiday homes in the sunshine!

   Care homes - we offer care home services that are more care then support.


Here at Sonic Care we live by the principles that no matter your age or situation you should not be treated any differently. We actively encourage:

   Personal choice






We do not want to be intrusive or overbearing, we only help as much as you need and want. Of course we can do more but never if you haven’t asked for it. We want you to make personal choices and have an enjoyable time throughout our services and that is why we also offer a range of extra services including classes, courses, hobbies, trips and so much more!

Our prices are highly competitive and work to your budget and needs. We guarantee to beat any other service online and are certain that you will know you have made the right choice with us!


Hear from some satisfied customers

Sonic Care is a really great site for people who are trying to find cost effective and quality care packages for themselves or their elderly loved ones. I used them for my mother and I was really impressed.

By Jenny Langley

I used Sonic Care when I was trying to find a really good care package for my father. They gave us a really great comprehensive package and he is so happy in his new setting that I feel I can relax.

By Mark Hughes

Sonic Care helped me so much to find a good care package for me and my wife when she became ill and I couldn’t cope in the house on my own anymore. The prices are great! 

By Phil Bright